About Us

Saraswat Cuisine is the cuisine of Saraswat Brahmins of Karnataka. In our restaurant, we showcase the vegetarian Cuisine; lots of dishes are prepared without onion and garlic especially during festivals and resemble the Jain cuisine. The classical features of the cuisine are the use of rice, coconut, tamarind, and jaggery to prepare various dishes and to balance flavours.

Special Dishes

A unique dosa with a blend of pumpkin generously topped with ghee, though it can sound a bit weird, the...

A fluffy avatar of dosas, it is served with green chutney. Instead of frying, they are roasted which makes it a...

A great variation to the normal fries! They are fried banana crispies covered with corn flour served with green chutney.

6 Mini dosas served with potato bhaji +Sambar + rasam + 3 chutneys, Contains kanara sada Pollo + pan pollo...

Our Services


The classic breakfast dishes involve traditional favourites like Upma, Sheera, Poha, Idli.

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Our lunch preparations will have traditional Chappati, plain rice or parboiled rice, dal & ghassi

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Backed by trained professionals we are reputed providers of well arranged Catering Service.

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Manglorean Cuisine

March 5, 2018

Come out of the casuals and try something different. Get the taste of most authentic Buns Puri- Mangalorean cuisine only...

Simply Saraswat This or That?

March 5, 2018

Let us know what will you choose? From the delicious menu of Simply Saraswat

Special Tropical Mojito Juice

March 5, 2018

Come visit simply Saraswat for the healthiest and tastiest drink ever.  

Good Food is Good Mood

March 5, 2018

Good Food is Good Mood! Indulge in the world of fruits. Fresh Indulge in the world of fruits